A collaborative community providing education and opportunity to driven athletes

As the first facility in San Diego catered specifically to baseball athletes, Symbiotic promotes education and personal development for athletes of all ages. Our collaborative approach and commitment to individualized programing means that each athlete is as beneficial to the community as our members of staff. We learn through the process of sharing, and use this shared knowledge to achieve greater results.

Originally founded in 2017 by Jono Green and Dana Sorensen, Symbiotic is a collective of diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and modalities. Founding client Joe Musgrove has played an integral part in shaping the company from the beginning, and now Joe and Jono have teamed up to launch the Miramar facility. Having worked together for over nine years, Joe and Jono have experienced just about every aspect of the game together, steadily building knowledge along the way – and now they’re ready to share it with the San Diego community.

Joe Musgrove

"Over the course of my 12+ years in professional baseball, one thing I've learned is that you can't do it alone. Building an experienced and dedicated team of people around you is key to overcoming the obstacles that the game puts in front of you. I want to share this community and experience with the athletes of San Diego. Symbiotic is a place where you can gain access to the things that professionals do on a daily basis to maintain their physical and mental edge – A place where you can do your physical therapy, workout, and recovery, all under one roof.

Joe Musgrove, Owner

A brand new facility designed specifically for baseball athletes

At 8,400 sq. ft., Symbiotic Training Center is equipped with 100 ft. of turf area for sprinting and throwing, a 4,500 sq. ft. training floor, ample natural lighting, and an indoor pitching mound with data analytics so athletes can pitch year-round. The center includes a variety of recovery equipment and modalities, including physical therapy, cold plunge and contrast therapy by Edge Theory Labs, and a Normatec/Hyperice recovery room.

Partner services available at the facility include acupuncture, sport massage, and Sorensen Elite Softball Pitching.

Jono Green

Jono Green


With almost two decades of experience training athletes of all ages, Jono’s expertise has led him to be a sought after sports performance coach in the San Diego area. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach he is Co-Founder and Program Director for Symbiotic Training Center. Jono has trained and continues to work with many high level athletes from Olympians, World Series Champions, and All-Stars. His continued education and innovative training techniques have become the backbone of Symbiotic’s high performance training model.

joe musgrove

Joe Musgrove


Drafted in the first round by the Toronto Blue Jays out of Grossmont high school in 2011, Joe worked his way up through the minor league system of the Houston Astros where he went on to win a World Series Championship. After playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Joe was traded to his home team, San Diego Padres, in 2021, where he would throw the organization’s first and only No Hitter. Joe was named an MLB All-Star in 2022. Alongside his baseball accolades, Joe is well known for his community involvement and charitable contributions as noted by his 2021 nomination for the Roberto Clemente Award.

Ashley Maher

Dr. Ashley Maher


Dr. Ashley Maher completed her undergraduate studies at California State University Fullerton, with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2009.  Thereafter, Ashley attended Azusa Pacific University, where she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2013. Dr. Maher has continued her education and taken many continuing education courses from the Institute of Physical Arts, Olga Grimsby Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), Movement fix, Mulligan, Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Pelvis and Baseball, Integrated Kinetic Neurology, SFMA, open packed spinal manipulation, and is SFMA certified.

Dr. Randi Esquibel

Dr. Randi Esquibel


Dr. Randi Esquibel received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, summa cum laude, in 2011, and her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy at San Diego State University in 2008. She has been working with athletes from youth, collegiate to pro for over 10 years, with a focused attention to baseball and softball in the past 6 years. Her passion for helping, learning, and development keeps her learning both in the clinic and didactically. With breathwork as the foundation, she blends PRI, DNS, SFMA, IKN, craniosacral, myofunctional therapy, homeopathic and much more to restore human function.


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